Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 Things I learned thanks to the Internet

Just as in real life, surfing is not for the faint of heart. You can find trash, treasure, horror and hope, all of it with a thick nacre of glistening strange, but there are dangers too. Be wary. Learning can be had but that abyss thing is no joke. Don’t be afraid to click ‘back arrow’. Hell, if things get hairy, aim for the ‘x’. Better offline than scarred for life.

1) We are a culture obsessed by penguins, bears, and zombies. But we don’t appear to care too terribly much about global warming, being green when it’s inconvenient, or fact-checking.

2) In 20 years that tat is probably going to look like the back stretch of Hell’s half acre but that doesn’t stop it from looking completely hot right now.

3) There is Dark Angel/NCIS mash-up slash. *florp*

4) Everybody’s doing it wrong but some of them are doing it wrong on purpose.

5) Gas masks, while occasionally a grim necessity, are not a turn on.

6) Meth addicts think the glass (you know, the glass) looks a bit like a crocodile.

7) Ladies (and Gentlemen): be kind to your nipples for they must last you your entire life.

8) It doesn’t matter how innocuous your search terms are, eventually they will bring you porn.

9) There is not enough bleach in the world. (See #3, #7, and #8)

10) Hamlet was right.

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