Friday, November 11, 2011

Alphabet for Perverts

A is for anal, a pain in the ass

B is for blowjob, as given by Cass

C is for cock, as in pecker or willy

D is for daisy chain, lascivious and silly

E is for erogenous-- those zones that are tender

F is for fetish-- as in gender and bender

G is for g spot, the fountain of Ruth

H is for hardcore, often sold in a booth

I is for intercourse, what more can I say?

J is for jacking or jilling all day

K is for kink-- mine ain't weirder than yours

L is for labia, barely covered by drawers

M is for masochist, who enjoys the whip

N is for naked (read bare-assed) or nip

O is for orgy, for those who like groups

P is for penis-- when it tires it droops

Q is for quaint, the cunt of it's time

R is for roger, but not Hammerstein

S is for sadist, he who hurts you with leather

T is for tribbing, we can rub ours together

U is for union, the best ones take skill

V is for voyeur, Tom's getting a thrill

W is for wet dream, an emission of cream

X is for XTC, it ain't all a dream

Y is for yiffing for those who like fur

Z is for zazzle, you're lusting for her